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October 19 2011

みなさんこんばんは。最近寒くなっていますので体調には気をつけましょう。 今日は筋肉の成長と睡眠の関連について説明したいと思います。 成長ホルモンの分泌は睡眠をとりはじめて約1時間後の深い眠りについたときにでてきます。それによりタンパク質の合成がはじまり筋トレで破壊された筋肉の回復が始まります。その結果、睡眠中に筋肉が成長することになります。 筋肉のことだけを考えるとしたら、睡眠をとり、トレーニングをして、またすぐ睡眠をとるのがいいと思いますが、筋トレ後は、交感神経が上がっていますのでなかなか眠りにつくのは困難だと思われます。 よって筋トレ後は栄養を摂りしっかり消化や吸収されてから睡眠をとるのがよいかもしれません。 ※筋トレ後は、しっかり栄養補給はしましょう。 英文トピック 問題文)来週、旅行に行きます。 1)Next week,I will go to trip. “Trip”is not a place,so you can’t go”to” it.Also,if you say you are”going to trip ,”it sounds as if you mean tsumazukou to shiteiru a different meaning of “trip”! Also,”trip”is a countable noun and should have “a”before it. If you are planning to travel,say it this way: お問い合わせ 095−849−1888 グローバルまで 2)Next week,I well go to a trip.

Fitness tips using English :

An abdominal hernia occurs when part of the intestine protrudes through a weakness in the abdominal wall. weightlifting and straining are leading risk factors of hernia , so the problem is relatively common to fitness enthusiast . Other risk factors include family history of hernia , obesity , being male and previous abdominal surgery . The first symptom is typically a small bulge under the skin that may produce pain during exercise . Hernias become progressively more painful as they grow . Initially , hernias are treated conservatively by avoiding lifting heavy objects and wearing support. Growing hernias or those that cause significant pain are often treated with surgery that includes reinforcement of the abdominal weakness with plastic mesh . Hernias can be extremely painful if left to progress, so get them checked out as soon as you notice them (Journal American Medical Association , 305:2130, 2011)



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