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11月16日 Hair Growth

筋トレトピック みなさんこんばんは。最近ますます寒くなってきましたね。寒いときにトレーニングされる方にとって注意しないといけないことはやはりケガですよね? 今日はケガの予防の仕方について説明させていただきます。 1)軽めにストレッチ 2)有酸素運動5分から10分 3)今日トレーニングする部位のエクササイズを軽負荷で2から3セット行う。※部位別でする場合。 4)メインエクササイズ 5)クールダウン


英文トピック スパッツ 1)spats In English, spats are an early 20th century men’s fashion. They were leather shoe coverings that were worn around the ankle.The Japanese army at that time wore longer spats,called gaiters. Perhaps those long spats evolved into what japanese women now call spats.Bat if you call them spats in English,you won’t be understood Instead,say; 2)bike shorts(above the knee) 3)leggings(below the knee)


“Red Ginseng Promotes Hair Growth ” Male pattern baldness occurs in genetically-susceptible men in response to dihydrotestosterone (DHT, a testosterone metabolite ). Alpha-5 reductase inhibitors , found in drugs such a Minoxidil , reduce DHT and promote hair growth in some men. However , they can interfere with testosterone metabolism and have negative effects in fitness enthuses . Japanese researchers , in a study on mice , found that topical application of red ginseng ( ginseng rhizome) increased hair growth . The effect of the supplement was localized to the skin , so it did not have systemic effects . Ginseng is a collection of eleven different species of roots found in North America , Korea , China and Siberia . Chinese physicians have used ginseng for thousands of years to increase energy levels and boost immunity . Many athletes have used ginseng to promote recovery from training . Used as a cream , it may also help hair growth . ( Phytotherapy Research , published online May 2, 2011)



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